Salt Network


The Sumeru Akademiya Library of Theory (SALT) is a Theorycrafting Network, headquartered in The Akademiya (, managed by those listed here:

  • Manager and Server Owner:
    • Drak#0343 – Also serves as Head of Theorycrafting

The Adminmail system is an effective alternative channel for communication should the above channels not suffice for proper contact. Should the conduct of these above individuals come into question, please DM the owner of The Akademiya, listed above, with evidence. SALT does not interfere with server policy, rules, moderation, or prohibit partnership with other server networks.

The following encompasses an overview of what we offer and ask for from partners, as well as the processes of SALT:

1. The resources we provide

        Our mission is to give important TC resources to clarify Genshin Impact® theorycrafting and help facilitate discussion among the community regarding but not limited to:

  • Weapons Rankings
  • Team DPS Calculations
  • Full Character Guides
  • Character Infographics
  • Dendro Reaction Theorycrafting
  • A library of interactions involving the dendro element
  • Access to our experienced and renowned Theorycrafters
  • Controlled access to our private tools such as loggers and parsers

2. Your commitment to SALT

        We provide these resources to you to help advance our mission. In exchange, we need the following:

  • Continued Dedication to ensuring a civil and non-hostile debate among the Theorycrafting section of member servers. Raids and behaviour to derail the theorycrafting process, such as doomposting, should be discouraged and penalised appropriately.
  • Proper crediting to all Authors, Editors, and Researchers involved in the theorycrafting process
  • Working in a cooperative and open manner with SALT regarding the theorycrafting process
  • Promotion of the Akademiya website which hosts all of that listed above in Section One.

3. Our Process

        Our system regarding the production of materials and supplying of SALT approved Theorycrafters and tools towards member servers goes as follows –

  1. Your server establishes contact with either Agent or Drak regarding gathering a proper team to produce the calculations, weapon rankings, and eventual guide for the server.
  2. Drak and the Theorycrafting Admins gather first a team lead, and several team members responsible for your character. These will be the individuals you have primary contact with for the majority here onward.
  3. The Team Lead will reach out to Staff at your server and should be set up alongside their team and any applicants who offer themselves from your server to begin the process of producing calculations and rankings.
  4. Open communication will ensue between the Team Lead and the Admins in The Akademiya to ensure all details are being shared between both servers and developments noted.
  5. As the process of calculating teams and weapon rankings is completed, the Team will begin the process of entering it all into the guide to be posted to the Akademiya website. Team members and individuals on your server are free to note things they find important to be included and it will be pieced together at the judgement of the Team Lead.
  6. Your Guide is almost complete! After the Team Lead and Members finish their final draft of the guide, our Editors, Admins, and Head of Theorycrafting will review your maths, formatting, and clarity to ensure it meets the standard we hold for all of our guides, and edit it as needed. For an example of a completed guide, see here. Otherwise, our standardized base format for all guides can be seen here.
    • Our Team on The Akademiya, and any Art or TC staff you supply, will create infographics to summarize the information held within the guide simultaneously to the revision process and upload them onto our website, and hand them over to you for your use!
  7. The SALT Editors and Senior Staff will mark your guide as reviewed and complete after this process is finished, and it will be posted to our website! From here on it is simply a matter of ensuring clear communication is maintained through your character’s release and banner.

Throughout this entire guide process your guide will be public and open to any criticism or revision from anyone, which should be directed to either our Akademiya Senior Staff, or your Team Lead!

4. Server Guidelines

        SALT maintains the right to suspend, investigate, or fully remove a server and their access to SALT resources if

  • They refuse to communicate information with SALT or knowingly comply with a rogue Team Lead
  • They refuse to properly penalise any users reported for raiding or maliciously spreading doomposting
  • We reasonably believe that there has been conduct that creates (or will create) drama or liability to other SALT servers or members.

5. Addition Provisions

  • We are constantly working to improve our network and services to make our partnership better for you. As a result, we may need to update these guidelines from time to time to accurately reflect our current mission. Unless due to unexpected events, we will notify all members before making changes to these policies to review them before they go into effect.  
  • If you fail to comply with these provisions and we do not take immediate action, this idleness does not mean that we have given up any rights to do so.